Etka-d has been creating engineering solutions over plastic components of vehicle seat group, trim, and chassis systems; manufacturing the molds, and producing the components, by combining the technology features and experience since 1990. Always implementing the developing technology and expending the export volume.

Our R&D department develops at least one new product per week in average. About 200 references are under patent. Number of references in total is more than 1250.

Besides, the product designs in our repertory are presented to the customer; and they are converted to the finished good and / or prototype upon request.

The equipment such as rapid prototyping (FDM technology – dimensions: 400 x 500 x 600), 3D optical scanning (reverse engineering), and vacuum casting with nylon module (MCP-Hek Tooling; the first dual robot in the world) ensure our technologic excellence.

Our company manufactures the thermoplastic components by injection process, and manages high precision by handling specially engineering plastic raw materials. Injection capability is up to 8,000 g (1250 tons clamping force). Our annual production capacity is more than 2,000 tons of plastic raw material. We design and manufacture the mold and other tools in-house.

Besides the plastic injection processes, in order to complete the subcomponents, we have crocket process (for mainly magazine nets at the moment). The electronic textile machinery has six bars, and we can weave any design and base material physical property.

Fallowing the principal ”The way of success is meeting the expectations, the way of leadership is guiding”, our company always makes the customer requests the most important asset. Furthermore the success level improves dramatically by the advance of high technology.


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Our design and product launching activities have become much stronger with our technological capabilities


Production of Etka-d Automotive is based on the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standard


We have over 2,000 tons of raw material processing capacity per year.